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René Burri, 1961

René Burri, 1961

Akihiko Nishi

Akihiko Nishi

ww.ww Nowhere Near Definitive Guide to Accessories: Bling

Welcome back for another installment of Wow this is Incredibly Awesome Advice for an Insanely Narrow Segment of the Human Population, Namely the Author of this Blog. I’ve already waxed poetically on footwear and neckwear, so feel free to have a gander if you’re just tuning in. And in the event you are new here, remember everything I have to say is subjective, personal and hubristic.

I’ve gotten a lot of solid feedback on my little rants up to this point, but it seems Nony isn’t satisfied (is he ever?) and demands visual support of my claims. So from here on out I’ll try to include some examples of what I mean. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

So where to now? Lets talk metals.

I’ve long held the only “jewelry” a man should wear regularly is a watch and a wedding band. While I have since softened on that slightly, you should never think of David Yurman with a fervor equal to that of your spouse. Likewise, your wrist shouldn’t look like you run the arts-and-crafts tent at a summer camp.

Materials:  Steel, gold (or) platinum, and leather. Any more than that and you’ll look like you own a blood diamond mine.

Models/Colors:  Every man needs two watches. You should have a good steel watch with a steel band and at least one interchangeable leather band. The watch should be utilitarian (not too weekend-y, not too office-y), and should be able to get you through 100% of instances in which you’re wearing a collared shirt. The second watch should be a true beater – think something you would mow the lawn in. This watch should be able to get you through 100% of the instances in which you’re wearing a non-collared and/or no shirt. A wedding band should be thin, simple and in solid gold or platinum.

Details:  Never match your watch band. You have leather (or exotic) bands to suit your mood, but never be the guy sweating over whether his shoes, belt and watch strap match. That guy is a serial killer moonlighting as a Dilliard’s Most Valuable Customer (MVC™).

Maintenance:  Keep everything in working order. Nice watches and nice jewelry are a luxury, and are therefore inherently high maintenance. Get watches serviced, get rings polished. Neither should be a burden on you. In the event you find yourself worrying about up-keep on an expensive watch, sell it and pay rent for the next year; you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

Accompaniments:  Three’s a crowd. Piggy-backing off the aforementioned leather matching, you should also never worry about matching metal colors or materials. A steel watch and a gold band is no biggie. In the event you begin to wonder if your silver belt buckle or metal footwear accents need coordinating, seek help.

Universal:  If you’ve ever referred to masculine accessories as “mewelry,” may God have mercy on your soul.

Anonymous asked: 501-fitting (i.e., regular rise, relaxed but not baggy leg) off-white or khaki five pocket pants or corduroys, that aren't Levis? Levis doesn't make 501 cords, and I'm not a fan of the actual 501 colored jeans options. So far all I've come up with is Peter Millar, which is...questionable. Looked at Ralph, but can't figure out what any of the new fits mean. Appreciate it!

If you’re looking for a 501 carbon copy then I would send a pair to an online MTM outfit for replication. My initial suggestion would be Luxire in terms of cost and customization options, but any competent company should be able to recreate a pair of pants.

In terms of some RTW brands to check out, I’d look at Bill’s Khakis, Jack Donnelly, and O’Connell’s. If you’re looking to take a step-up you can also take a gander at RRL or Epaulet.